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President’s Year-End Message

President’s Year-End Message

Dear Colleagues,
As 2017 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on 2017 and welcome 2018. 2017 was great, 2018 will be even greater and amazing things will manifest.
Because of the continues effort given by members, SAHAMM has been developing maturely. It is important for us to use our time and move forward as decisively and swiftly as we can in 2018 and that will only be possible with the support from members and I will like to thank you all for your significant support.

The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I am sure by working together, keeping focused on our priorities and our mission and vision, we can realize our goals. These will certainly be my priorities and I am convinced I can count on you all to do the same.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of my Executive committee and staff of SAHAMM for all the effort and hard work they have put in in 2017 to make our programs a success.

As the New Year dawns, I hope it gets filled with the promises of a brighter tomorrow for you and your family. While most will welcome the new year praying and wishing for Happiness, Wealth and Prosperity, we at SAHAMM would like to add Health as one of the wishes and would prefer to make this the first one. So on behalf of SAHAMM let me wish every one of you with us, around and within us A HEALTHY 2018. We should strive to educate and empower ourselves with the medical and spiritual knowledge to help people live healthier and longer. Let us practice good and healing medicine to help reverse diseases for those who seek our help .


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Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy MBBS, FRCOG,

Fasting has been a religious practice for centuries in most cultures. Medical profession which has been always focussing on the caloric intake and regular meals has now accepted that fasting improves health.

Traditionally fasting is observed during religious festivals, according to lunar calendar days, auspicious days as an offering to God & self purification. This is done in many ways, from eating one vegetarian meal a day anywhere from 21days and onwards to total abstinence from food for an entire day.

There are many variations to this practice in different cultures. When fasting is observed for 2-4 days, various medical benefits have been observed as shown by a recent University of Southern California study. A shorter, 24 hour fasting can be beneficial as well. This study as well as many other studies have shown the following benefits of fasting:

1: A powerful anti aging effect

  1. Immune stimulating effect
  2. Stem cell activation
  3. A powerful protection against Cancer cell proliferation by lowering Insulin levels. Cancer cell proliferation occurs in the presence of Glucose and Insulin. It should be noted that Insulin is a Proliferative hormone and that means it increases the rate of cell division!

Let’s talk about Intermittent Fasting which has caught the medical attention recently. Intermittent Fasting has also been in practice in many cultures for ages. My father who found his way to where he started at the age of 93 was a very spiritual person. He used to fast with one meal a day for 21 days from the time I can remember before religious rites at Hindu and Buddhist temples. He was healthy till his last days only succumbing to the divine call.

There are variations in the Intermittent Fasting. The difference is in the number of hours that you can eat and the number of hours that you need to fast. There is also some difference in what you can eat. Although it is often advised that you can eat whatever you want for the certain number of hours, it is prudent to watch THE CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE AS IT WILL STIMULATE INSULIN PRODUCTION & RELEASE.

My advise has always been a diet that comprises of PLENTY OF FRESH VEGETABLES, LOW CARBS  WITH GOOD FATS & PROTEINS. Better results can be seen when you limit your eating hours to 8 and fasting hours to 16 making up a day of 24 hours. The window of eating is entirely up to you which means you are at your own liberty to start eating at any time as long as you close the window within 8 hrs. The 16 hrs of fasting will not be difficult with hunger and food cravings as long as you choose the timing smartly and always have more vegetables and good fats and moderate amount of protein in your diet. It is the carbs that makes you feel hungry soon after meals.

“It is the decision that you make today involving changes in the way you live that decides your destiny .”

Towards Better Health for All.

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Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy MBBS, FRCOG,

Aging is a multi factorial &  an inevitable biological process that happens to all of us. Multiple  reasons are often present in any one person . While we cannot stop the aging process, we can certainly slow it down & even reverse it to a certain degree. This is the normal aging process which is under our control. However the concern now is the ACCELERATED AGING that we face in most of us. Poor diet, Hormone Deficiencies, Toxic Overload, Nutritional Deficiencies, Hyperinsulinemia are some of the common causes.

However CHRONIC INFLAMMATION is the main player. Understanding and controlling Chronic Inflammation is necessary not only to control aging, but also to win the war against almost all the known medical conditions. Chronic Inflammation occurs silently due to many reasons . Sugars , Refined Foods, Gut Dysbiosis,  Heavy Metal & Environmental Toxicity are the main culprits. Managing and silencing this silent inflammation need to be addressed seriously. There are many natural healing remedies that can help, such as Omega 3 EFAs, Curcumin, Vitamin C, Quercetin etc. While all of them help and a combination will even work better, let me focus on Omega 3 Fatty Acids especially from fish.

While traditionally the well known benefits of fish oils for the Heart, Brain and Joints is a common knowledge, new studies shows many more benefits. The main benefits of fish oils are due to their Anti Inflammatory effects. Omega 3 suppresses all the arms of inflammation esp. the NFkB & IL6 .Giving a dose of 2 gm per day brings in clinical benefits within weeks of commencing treatment. Higher doses may be necessary in acute conditions and fish oil is safe even in larger doses. Let’s look at what is new:

  1. Protectins & Resolvins are wonder molecules that our body produces to control runaway    inflammation and this helps to slow down aging. Omega 3 boosts the level of both these molecules.
  1. Aging is associated with a lot of wear & tear. Accelerated healing means the ability to heal quickly, resulting in preserving & improving cell / organ functions. Rapid healing of cell injury can promote  Robust heath & wellbeing. Omega 3 helps in repair of damaged tissues.
  1.   Inflammation increases Calcium deposition in the arteries, stiffening them and reducing the blood flow to tissues. Omega 3 reduces extraosseous Calcium deposition.
  1. Keeps muscles young & healthy. 2 gm/ day helps to reduce age related loss in muscle mass & function.
  1. Consumption of Omega 3 during pregnancy leads to improved brain function & IQ in children.
  1. Study at Laboratory of Molecular Signalling has shown that besides improving Memory & the ability to learn new things, Omega 3 is necessary for growing new neurons enabling higher level of executive function & multitasking.
  1. Omega 3 is a potent stimulator of Nitric Oxide synthesis. Nitric Oxide not only improves Heart & Vascular Function as well  as Sexual health, but  also  improves  Immune Function, promotes Lipolysis ( even without controlling diet ) , promotes strong muscles. By the age of 70, we have 75% less N.O in our body.
  1. More than 40 studies have shown a beneficial effect of Omega 3 in Triglyceride levels.
  1. Omega 3 maintains DNA health by slowing down the age related (accelerated) Telomere shortening as well as reversing the shortened Telomeres. This has a profound effect on aging & diseases.
  1. Besides improving joint health, Omega 3 also helps in improving vision by reducing Age Related Macular Degeneration.
  1. While regular , moderate, unprotected sun exposure is extremely vital for health, sun exposure in the presence of Omega 3 deficiency increases oxidative stress to the skin and promotes early onset wrinkles

There are other benefits to omega 3 EFA as well. Though Fish Oil is the best source of Omega 3, the fish should be cold water wild caught fish for the best benefits. Some Fish oil manufacturers also offer molecularly distilled pure oils, certified by the International Fish Oil Standards. Vegetarians could choose to take Flaxseed Oil. Chia seeds also have omega 3 but this is not a rich source. In order to get adequate amounts of Omega 3 for its Anti inflammatory and other benefits, one has to consume fish at least 3-4 times a week or about 3 pounds of fish a week. This is tough for most making supplementation necessary.

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Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy MBBS, FRCOG,

I was on my way to the Heathrow Airport when I received frantic messages from someone who is in her 60s who I knew was desperate for answers . Let’s call her Miss PK. She had a mastectomy for breast cancer 10 years ago. Not surprisingly, she was also treated with a concoction of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As usual PK’s concoction had an added ingredient, an anti-estrogen.  Most of you who have been trained by SAHAMM by now would have realized that something is very wrong here . Leaving the root cause of her  disease, her excess Estrogen untouched. There was no Progesterone in her treatment basket to oppose the Estrogenic effects. The reason?. She was advised against Progesterone based on her receptor status. I could not convince her to reconsider.

Honestly, I strongly believe that all excess Estrogen must be opposed by Natural Progesterone.  Six months ago, PK called for advise for her post menopausal staining. Ultrasound showed Endometrial Hyperplasia which again pointed to excess Estrogen. We discussed about Progesterone once more, but she became silent again.  May be I was not convincing enough or perhaps because the advice was given free!.

Coming back to the  frantic messages, PK had fresh vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound this time around showed what appeared to be an Endometrial Polyp. She was advised to have a DD&C followed by a Hysterectomy . She was frantic and I felt sorry for her. She sought my advice if she should proceed with a hysterectomy straight away rather than doing a DD&C first. It makes sense to do that or at least an on table endometrial scrape and proceed for Hysterectomy if the curettage looked suspicious. I insisted that irrespective of what she gets done (of course I would prefer to give Progesterone before any surgical procedure and continue afterwards) she needs to consider Progesterone replacement .

Rings a bell?  We all too often have faced this situation where a woman who has had treatment for either a benign or malignant tumour of her Breasts, Ovaries or her Uterus only to have a recurrence because the UNDERLYING PATHOLOGY WAS NEVER ADDRESSED.  ALL BENIGN & MALIGNANT TUMORS IN THESE ORGANS ARE DUE TO EXCESS ESTROGEN & PROGESTERONE DEFICIENCY! THEY ARE NOT DEFICIENT IN CHEMO DRUGS, RADIOTHERAPY or ANTI-ESTROGENS!

My advise to all those  who are reading this article is ALWAYS TREAT THE ROOT CAUSE(S) FOR ANY DISEASE with a natural, holistic and integrative approach and paying attention to all the pillars of health.

Recently a double blind, randomized study involving 208 postmenopausal  obese and overweight women with Vitamin D deficiency was done. The women were divided into 2 groups. All of them were put on a weight reduction Programme. One half of them were given Vitamin D 2000iu daily while the other half was given a placebo. Follow up analysis clearly showed that the supplement group had a significant reduction in cancers compared to the placebo group even when the weight reduction was taken into account . Many studies have shown that Vitamin D helps to reduce the Estrogen levels in the body, a fact that should draw the attention of men as well to reduce their Estrogen dependent Prostate and Breast cancers. It is interesting to note that Vitamin D levels are often low in overweight and obese people due to its sequestration in fat cells .

Vitamin D works better when combined with Vitamin K2.

Have a blessed day.

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STENTING & Vitamin K2

Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy MBBS, FRCOG,

We all know that STENTING is procedure done to re-establish circulation in blocked cardiac vessels. The procedure is justified in a symptomatic patient. Unfortunately thousands of STENTING procedures are done in asymptomatic patients diagnosed with Atherosclerosis of cardiac vessels during Angiograms, which by themselves are done excessively. The funny thing here is that only the Atherosclerosis of the heart is focussed ignoring the fact that this pathology is systemic!

To delve further into the necessity of this procedure we could fall back into studies done on young soldiers who died during the world wars and found to have SYSTEMIC ATHEROSCLEROSIS! They were young, physically fitter than most of us yet had the pathology.

Not only STENTING has its own complications, we ignore the systemic nature of the pathology as well as the underlying cause.

There are many studies that have clearly showed a strong relationship of Atherosclerosis to Vitamin K2 deficiency. This vitamin ( very little importance is given to this vitamin ) not only helps in directing Calcium to the bones for osteogenesis but helps in removing the EXTRA OSSEOUS calcium deposits in the blood vessels and other tissues . This helps in the reduction/ reversal of plagues. However it is ideal that you take Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D (Hormone as it should be known) . When Vitamin D stimulates osteogenesis, not only more calcium is absorbed form the intestines but also enhances the effects of VitaminK2 in removing this calcium deposits outside the bones.

So, the question is Stent or Vitamin K2 ( with Vitamin D ) ?

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