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Dear Doctors & Fellow Colleagues,

Those who are interested in pursuing further knowledge in Healthy Aging (popularly known as Anti Aging), might find the below information helpful.

  1. Go through the Primary and Secondary Module on Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM) with ACNEM. ACNEM is an Australian body which is world renowned and recognized. A Certification is given on finishing the Primary & Secondary Module.
  2. Sit for the IHS (International Hormone Society) courses which is being conducted by SAHAMM currently.. This comprises of six courses. On completion of the six courses, a Certification is awarded, which is recognized by all practicing Anti Aging Physicians worldwide.
  3. Authors whom you might find interesting are Dr Philip Miller, Dr Barry Sears, Dr Mark Hymen, Dr Peter J B – Adamo, Dr Eric Braverman and Dr Sydney McDonald Baker.
    For further information, please go to the SAHAMM website at Or you may contact the SAHAMM President at his email address :

By, Dr James Jeremiah (SAHAMM Exco)

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