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The title is very depressive indeed. Nobody wants cancer but everyone has it. Cancer started with only a single cell and it grows into a detectable lump after many years. Most people are said to have cancer only when a type of cancer is detected in the body. The truth is, the cancer single cell was already there probably anywhere between ten to twenty years ago. If anybody wants to beat cancer, it has to be done exactly ten or twenty years before the cancer is detected.

Cancerous cells arise due to changes in the genetic make-up of the cells. The genetic changes allowed the cells to grow and divide without knowing how to stop. There are multitudes of causes and reasons for a normal cell to turn into a cancer cell. The causes range from as simple as being under the sun to the most obvious such as radioactive radiation. The air we breathe and the foods we eat contain cancer causing agents. We can never completely avoid all these agents. The only way to beat cancer is to kill the defective cells while they are still undetectable in our body. By the time a cancer is detected, the body has already been infiltrated with it in every corners and crevasses.

How do you fight a cancer which is not yet detectable? This is where medical prevention is needed. The only system protecting the body against the proliferation of this single cell cancer is the immune system. The immune system has the ability to detect these damaged cells and destroy them so that they will not grow into a cancerous lump.

The only reason why single cell cancer grows into a cancerous lump is because the immune system is damaged in some ways. This is exactly what is wrong with people who develop cancer. Cancer itself is not a disease. Cancer is only a symptom of diseased immune system. The cancerous lump can be removed but if nothing is done to the immune system, the remaining undetectable cancer cells will grow into another lump again. When a person is declared ‘cancer-free’, it means the cancer cells are too few to be detectable by standard tests. Nobody is truly cancer-free. Everyone has at least one cancer cell lurking somewhere in the body waiting to be swallowed by the immune system or to grow into a lump.

The absolute indication that someone is going to have cancer is when the immune system is degraded. The immune system is surely compromised if a person is either fat, frequently sick, suffering from other chronic illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure etc), smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol, leading a sedentary lifestyles or simply being biologically old.

If you are having one of the above conditions, take an effort to change them. Do not go and see a doctor for medications only, get an advice of how to improve your immune system. This is the only way a person can beat a cancer while it is still undetectable.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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