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Now that I got your attention, let me tell you something about exercise. Exercise is not natural. Human body is not created to have regular exercises. Exercise is only recently invented for modern human. Throughout millions of years of human evolution, exercise was never part of it. There were no gyms and no such thing as sit-up, push-up, bench-press and so on. So why do we exercise at all?

Human body thrive on physical activities and challenges, not on exercises. We created exercise to imitate the natural physical activities and physical challenges we are supposed to have in our daily life. Exercise was only invented and become necessary because we have chosen a life of sedentary. Our ‘job’ was never meant to be sitting on a chair whole day long. Our ‘lifestyle’ was never meant to be a cycle of waking up, go to work, eat and sleep – day in and day out.

Our ancient ancestors lead very active lifestyles. They were constantly moving physically with varying degree of intensity and duration. They don’t run on thread mills, they don’t do curls and sit-up yet they move all their muscles and joints in their daily activity as hunter-gatherers. They don’t get fat!

However, in today’s world, when we exercise, we get fat!

That happens when we exercise wrongly. Most of the time, we exercise too slow, too little, too monotonous and too long. In natural active lifestyle, our ancestors move very fast with high intensity and complex movements for only briefly. The best way to describe this is by imagining what happens when our ancestors hunt animals. In hunting, they usually spend lots of time waiting or trying to get close enough before exerting a sudden burst of energy in chasing the animal with complex movement such as running, jumping, avoiding obstacles, carrying equipment, throwing a spear and finally and abrupt stop. The process repeats over and over again depending on how successful is the first attempt or how many animal they want to kill. In between the burst of energy, they have a prolonged rest. This is how we are supposed to ‘exercise’. A correct exercise should at least include aerobic (running, dancing, zumba-ing), flexibility (stretching, yoga, pilates) and weight lifting in a single session.

What happens when we exercise too slow, too little, too monotonous and too long? In this situation, our body will perceive that a ‘difficult time’ is coming ahead due to a chronic low level of stress it experiences. Perceived impending ‘difficult time’ will trigger our biological survival instinct to store food in our body in a form of fat. That is how our ‘wrong’ exercises make us fat. Even if it does not make us fat, it will certainly not making us any thinner.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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