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I have written several articles on how do we get fat and how dangerous is being fat. In the next seven weeks, I will be writing on seven simple and natural ways of losing weight. The first of its series is today’s article and it is about doing your exercise correctly.

My last week article entitled ‘Exercise makes you fat’ did invite several interesting comments from readers. This prompts me to write an article of what kind of exercise promotes healthy weight loss.

In the previous article I wrote that the wrong kind of exercise often done by us is ‘too slow, too little, too monotonous and too long. By the way, I do not know what ‘monotariously’ is which has appeared in my previous article. Not my doing. The correct exercise is exactly the opposite. The correct exercise is fast, intense, complex and brief.

Various studies have proven that this type of exercise promotes faster and healthier weight loss. This exercise is also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The latest version is made popular by an American exercise guru, Dr Al Sears and it is called Progressive Acquired Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise (PACE). Go ahead and google them.

To simplify it, correct exercise should be done intense enough that your heart rate should get to 80 to 90 per cent of your maximum heart rate as quickly as possible. (Maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age, therefore a 40 years old maximum heart rate is 180 beats per minute). Once you have achieved it, take a rest until your heart rate is almost back to normal and then repeat it again. Once you have completed about 15 to 30 minutes of this cycle, you are done for the day. Do it again tomorrow and every day. If you have not exercise for a very long time or have some medical conditions, try achieving 50% or less of your maximum heart rate and slowly build up your fitness over several months.

Try to do various types of exercises to get the maximum heart rate in a single session. It can be running, jumping, weight lifting, swimming or cycling. The key is, to get to the maximum heart rate (or 80-90% of maximum) within the shortest time, possibly within 2-3 minutes. You have to stop after 15 to 30 minutes of exercise. If you go beyond that, you will start to put extra stress on your body and your body will ‘heal’ the stress by adding on extra fat while you are asleep later on. Stop exercising after 15 minutes and do it again tomorrow and every day.

Keep doing this for a month or two and you will be surprised with the result. Some people do not even have to adjust their diet (preferably you should) and still noticing a healthy rate of weight loss over several months. This is the weight loss that you hardly sweat to lose and you hardly ever get back again. Provided you keep doing it for the rest of your life.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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