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Let me start with a scenario. A woman walks into a clinic complaining of insatiable hunger. She describes it as persistent desire to eat something throughout the day. She cannot exactly pin-point what is she longed to eat so much. Because she cannot be very specific of what she wants, she keeps eating various foods. However, it never seems to end. She continues to have the uncontrolled desire to eat something. She eventually becomes overweight and soon develops all kind of obesity related illnesses. Yet she is still hungry for that unknown food and she has not been able to identify it.

The wise clinician examines her and performs a battery of test and found out that she was deficient in Vitamin D and Magnesium among others. She was promptly given various supplements including Vitamin D and Magnesium. Initially she was unconvinced, how can an overweight person like her having a deficiency in nutrition, she wonders. If anything, shethought she should be bloated with all the nutrition that she has been eating. Fat person cannot be nutrition deficient, she argues. Eventually she relents. Within two weeks, she is back and exclaims her appetite has been zipped for good. All that hunger simply disappears and she is already losing 3 kilogram within two weeks. She thanks the doctor profusely and leaves the clinic almost glowing.

The story however does not stop there. Three months later, she develops the same insatiable hunger again. She rushes back to the same doctor and relate the history. She cheekily admits that she has not been taking her supplements for several weeks due to ‘busyness’. She didn’t think the problem will recur because she has been taking nutritious foods from the supermarket. She recommences her supplements and she is back to a sensible eating pattern again.

That story is unfortunately relatively common among the overweight and obese. They were hungry because their body is lack of certain minerals or vitamins. Some animal species have the ability to identify what mineral they are lacking andthis instinct drives them to search and lick some stones or eating some plants just to get the right minerals or vitamins. Unfortunately human do not have that ability. When the body lack certain minerals, all it does is send a message to brain that the body is hungry and needed to eat. Vitamins D, Magnesium and Chromium are some of the example of nutrition which deficiencies are associated with obesity. Unfortunately, our supermarket sourced foods nowadays are lacking in minerals and consequently the body continue to be hungry despite the massive amount of food taken in.

Even if you don’t have a savage appetite like the woman in the given scenario, taking multivitamins and multiminerals in appropriate dosage will prevent your body from borderline deficiency and thus preventing the hunger drive.

As a conclusion, anyone wanting to try to lose weight, probably supplementing with vitamins and minerals is the first easy step to take.

Article contributed by: DrRizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( is available upon request.

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