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Attn:  Ms Clare Rewcastle ( Senior Editor )

I write this e-mail without prejudice and malice. I am not taking any political position. I am writing to appeal to your highest journalistic ideas and principles that you expose in Sarawak Report and ask that you help correct some gross inaccuracies with respect to your 3rd August story entitled “RM1.154 Million From 1MDB Was Spent On “Anti-Ageing” products for “B1 and Wife” EXCLUSIVE”

I am an  Obstetrician   and  Gynaecologist and have been in practice for the last 32 years. I am also a board certified anti aging physician from the American Academy of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4RM) and International Hormone Society (IHS). I am also a certified Fellow of the Australasian College of  Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

I am sadden and surprised by the above article that has tarnished my reputation and that of SAHAMM. SAHAMM is a non profit organization established in 2011 by myself and a group of doctors with the same objective solely for the purpose of training doctors in nutritional medicine and bio identical hormone therapy.  Anti aging or healthy aging medicine is an evidence based medicine where the focus is on recognizing the underlying cause(s) of disease(s) and the treatment involves natural means as opposed to conventional drug therapy. There is enough scientific evidence to support such treatment, but unfortunately it has not become the mainstream medicine because it is not taught  in medical schools. This medical practice is integrative involving many pillars of health such as a healthy diet, lifestyle changes, nutrient therapy, stress management, detoxification, alkalising the body, etc. Hormone therapy is one of the pillars. Hormone deficiency is associated with premature aging and chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, etc. Correcting hormone deficiencies using natural or bio identical hormones are safe and very effective when used in physiological doses and monitored by regular blood test and administered by doctors trained and certified which is what we do at SAHAMM.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of scientific papers support this claim. Hence it is unfair to make claims that anti aging medicine or hormone therapy is dangerous and unconventional. I, myself have helped hundreds of patients with barriers ailments with complete reversal of their diseases.

I am a clinician and not involved  in any politics. I do not treat the Prime Minister or his wife or any politicians. My patients are commoners who come to me for help and when the conventional treatment has not helped. I am the President of SAHAMM and Datuk Dr. Sidiq is the Vice President and this is the only professional relationship we have. I do not have any business dealings with him and SAHAMM is not a clinic or a medical centre but a society. SAHAMM does not have any business transaction with Datuk Dr. Sidiq nor the Prime Minister and his wife.  Neither are they the patrons of our society.

I have put in years of work, sacrificing my valuable time just to help humanity. I seek no fame or gain from SAHAMM. I am surprised that the Sarawak Report while trying to delve into the truth as commented even in my dressing. I have explained sufficiently and I hope you will clear my name and of SAHAMM with immediate effect.