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President’s Year-End Message

President’s Year-End Message

Dear Colleagues,
As 2017 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on 2017 and welcome 2018. 2017 was great, 2018 will be even greater and amazing things will manifest.
Because of the continues effort given by members, SAHAMM has been developing maturely. It is important for us to use our time and move forward as decisively and swiftly as we can in 2018 and that will only be possible with the support from members and I will like to thank you all for your significant support.

The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I am sure by working together, keeping focused on our priorities and our mission and vision, we can realize our goals. These will certainly be my priorities and I am convinced I can count on you all to do the same.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of my Executive committee and staff of SAHAMM for all the effort and hard work they have put in in 2017 to make our programs a success.

As the New Year dawns, I hope it gets filled with the promises of a brighter tomorrow for you and your family. While most will welcome the new year praying and wishing for Happiness, Wealth and Prosperity, we at SAHAMM would like to add Health as one of the wishes and would prefer to make this the first one. So on behalf of SAHAMM let me wish every one of you with us, around and within us A HEALTHY 2018. We should strive to educate and empower ourselves with the medical and spiritual knowledge to help people live healthier and longer. Let us practice good and healing medicine to help reverse diseases for those who seek our help .


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