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Senseless treatments in modern medicine

When we are afflicted with illnesses, it make sense to visit a doctor and get pills to cure the illness. Often the pills are designed to combat the causes of the illnesses. If we are infected with bacteria, doctors give anti-bacteria. If we are infected with virus, doctors give anti-virus. Unfortunately, not all illnesses are as straight forward as this.

If we have high cholesterol due to our appetite for  crabs, prawns, burgers, fried chicken, beef and bacon, the sensible thing to do is to reduce or avoid all those cholesterol rich foods. What does not make sense is to take pills to lower the cholesterol so that we can continue stuffing our body with cholesterol rich foods. However, that exactly what our doctors are going to do and what we probably expect them to do.

If we have high blood pressure due to a stressful life, toxic foods, being too fat or leading a sedentary life, the sensible thing to do is to avoid toxic foods, lead an active but relaxing life and reduce weight. What does not make sense is when we take pills to reduce the high blood pressure so that we can continue taking toxic foods, leading a stressful and sedentary lifestyle and being fat. However, that exactly what we would expect from our doctors and they will happily oblige.

If we are too fat due to eating too much and practice no physical exercise, the sensible thing to do is to reduce the amount of eating and lead a physically active lifestyle. What does not make sense is for us to get a pill to lose fat and continue to eat too much food and leading a sedentary lifestyle. However, our first question in consulting a doctor about losing weight is probably ‘Do you have pills for this?’ rather than ‘How can I lose weight?’

If you are having diabetes due to eating too much refined carbohydrates, the sensible thing to do is to reduce or avoid the refined carbohydrates from your diet. What does not make sense is when you start taking pills for your diabetes so that you can continue eating all those refined white rice, bread, noodles and sugar. Yet, if you are having diabetes, I bet you are still eating all those carbohydrates and hoping your half dozen pills continue to allow you to do so.

All the example above show how crazy is our modern health care. Gone are the days when one part is diseased, we cut it out. Now in modern medicine, instead of cutting the sources of the problem, we try to live with the sources by masking the diseases with various pills. This is simply does not make any senses.

Next time you are afflicted with illnesses, do the sensible thing. Ask your doctor what part of your lifestyles that need to be ‘cut-off’ instead of asking for a pill so that you can continue living with the sources of your illness.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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