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The menace of Heavy Metals

Our body is exposed to many forms of heavy metals from the environment. Examples of these heavy metals are mercury, lead, arsenic, silver, copper, aluminium and many more. Unfortunately for our body, the accumulation of these heavy metals is dangerous and causing insidious illnesses. To make matter worse, chronic accumulation of heavy metals weakens the body immune system and healing ability. This is how chronic diseases develop and eventually manifest in our body.

The sources of heavy metals are plenty. The most obvious are emissions from motor vehicles and cigarettes. Other sources are contamination from treated building materials in houses and offices, contaminated water and treated and processed foods.

It takes years for these metals to be accumulated. Consequently, the effects are not obvious and because of this fact, heavy metals are not routinely attributed as causes of chronic illnesses. Furthermore, testing for heavy metals accumulation is often difficult and expensive. Heavy metals are often not blamed for diseases because it is difficult to prove and treatments are not necessarily available in conventional medicines. However, every anti-aging practitioner knows that they are there and they are causing havoc.

Throughout my practicing career and from various readings and learning sources, I am convinced that one of the significant factors in the rise of chronic illnesses in our community is heavy metals toxicity. The chronic illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers are all probably related to our body dysfunctions caused by heavy metals disruption. We have been treating these chronic illnesses in various ways but unless and until heavy metal toxicity is addressed, we may continue to see these chronic illnesses making waves in our community for a very long time.

How do we know that we have heavy metal toxicity? If someone is suffering from one of the chronic illnesses mentioned above, there is a high chance that he/she is already heavily laden with heavy metals. There are tests that we can get from your anti-aging practitioners to measure how much of these toxic materials are being accumulated in our body.

How do we get rid of these heavy metals from our body? The easiest way is to avoid ingesting them or inhaling them in the first place. Providing our body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals ensures our own body natural detoxification is able to eliminate these heavy metals. However, in some cases, drastic measure may be needed. This is when the controversial heavy metal chelation (removal) may be introduced.

The point I am trying to make is, try to avoid or minimise the exposure of all sources of heavy metals in the environment. The deterioration of our health as we age is probably not because of we getting older per se, but because we have lived long enough to accumulate these toxic heavy metals in our body.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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