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Vaccinations & Vitamin C : The Way I See Health Care



Some vaccines need to be given at some point in our life to prevent  diseases that can have devastating effects on the quality of life eg. Poliomyelitis.In some instances, it can be life threatening eg.Small Pox. It is also possible that some infections acquired during pregnancy can have teratogenic effects eg. Rubella. So vaccination is necessary, but perhaps some if not all the vaccines that are given in recent times.So, I am not against vaccination. What I would suggest is the following:

  1. Delay the vaccination till the infant is 6 months old when the innate gut immune system begins to mature
  2. Space out the vaccination so that there is a less toxic burden to the infant ‘s body.
  3. Giving vaccines when necessary in isolation would be better.

This is important because recently, vaccines are given in combination, sometimes up to 7 types of vaccines in a single shot

What I am concerned also is the presence of heavy metals (Mercury or Aluminium) as a preservative. Of course the manufacturers will defend this presence of heavy metals by claiming that the amount is very minimal in the vaccines. It is still worrying.One is that they are not natural to the  body  in any amount. Second is that they are cumulative when given repeatedly as the newborn may lack the ability to detoxify and excrete these heavy metals.

All said and done,if and when the vaccination is given the child needs to be protected. The best, safest and most powerful natural protection comes from Vitamin C.The fact that we humans are unable to manufacture Vitamin C in our body, unlike animals predisposes us to Infections, Cancers,susceptibility to toxins, etc.This basic knowledge has never been emphasized in our quest to conquer infections and cancers  and it is not mentioned in any medical textbooks, deliberately I believe!Vitamin C is the most potent non specificAnti toxin that we have.However, we hardly use it.By non specific, I mean it works against almost all toxins, including snake and insect venoms, heavy metals, chemicals etc.The evidence for the benefits of VitaminC in humans and even the domesticated animals is not lacking and there are more than one hundred thousand studies available that validate this effect but at the same time there are also studies that contradict these claims.Studies that fail to prove the benefits of Vitamin C failed simply because the dose used was too small and the duration of treatment was too short.

In order to benefit from Vitamin C therapy in an acute and chronic infections, acute poisoning or in the prevention of toxicity or infections as a prophylaxis, some simple rules need to be followed.The dose of Vitamin C as a routine daily supplement differs vastly and can be tens of times higher in Infections, Cancers, Trauma,Toxic Exposure etc.  The rules that need to be followed for success are:

  1. The treatment needs to be initiated EARLY ENOUGH
  2. The dosage should be HIGH ENOUGH
  3. The dosing should be FREQUENT ENOUGH
  4. And the treatment should be LONG ENOUGH

Failure to follow these simple rules is the reason why sceptics are never convinced.  Any child who needs to be vaccinated should be given Vitamin C before, during and after the vaccination to reduce the side effects and the toxicity from the heavy metals present. Even Cerebral Irritation which is rarely reported can be avoided by initiating Vitamin C prophylaxis in sufficient  doses before, during and after the vaccination .


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