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The word ‘detox’ comes from the word detoxification. It means removal or neutralisation of harmful substances. The word ‘detox’ however widely accepted in healthy conscious community as a process to cleanse the body of any unwanted substances.

Our body has its own process of detoxification. They are called conjugation processes. This happens mainly in liver. On top of that, in all of our cells, there are also mechanisms with anti-oxidants to neutralise all the toxins.

Of course there are many ways to help these detoxification processes to function better. Some of the ways promoted in the markets are not necessarily correct. However there are fundamental principles in detoxification which is cheap and do-able by everyone. Three of these principles of detoxification are discussed below.

The first principle is to drink plenty of clear water. Our body are made up around 70 – 80 % of water. That means, most if not all of the toxins are floating around in this water environment. This contaminated water must be removed as soon as possible and replaced with fresh and cleaned water. Therefore it makes sense to drink clean and clear water instead of coffee, milk or alcohol. Our kidneys will concentrate these waste substances and excrete them in our urine. That is why the less water we drink, the more yellowish and smellier is the urine. That is because more toxic substances are in the urine. We should be drinking more water to the level that our urine is almost clear, signifying that our system is almost fresh with clear water.

The second one is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, preferably organic and non-processed. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of fibres which function as absorbent of many toxins in the gut. The more fibres we eat, the more toxins are excreted from our gut and the more frequent is the excretion. The less fibres in our diet, the more toxins are accumulated in our gut and eventually absorbed into our body.

The third one is plenty of exercise. Exercise will ensure our sweats glands excrete all the toxins through our skin. By the way, our skin is the largest organ in excreting toxins. The skin supposed to be excreting more toxins than our gut systems. Exercise also encourages our gut to be more mobile and hence excrete more toxins. That is why people who lead a sedentary lifestyle often suffer from constipation. Muscular contractions during exercise also help our lymphatic system to pump all the waste materials away from the system. In fact, our lymphatic system does not have a pump at all. It relies on its one-way valves to move its contents. Muscle movements are the only force available to push the waste materials. So you can imagine what happens with the toxins in lymphatic system if we do not exercise at all.

Those are three fundamental principles of detoxification. They are cheap and do-able. However, there is one most fundamental but very effective detoxifying process that surpasses all the above. We will discuss about this super detoxification method in our next week article.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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