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It is a trace mineral

Deficiency is very common.

Very important mineral for our immune system.

People who live in selenium deficiency belts have higher risk of cancer.

It is a co-enzyme for Glutathione s Transferase which detoxifies heavy metals, drugs, pesticides, carcinogens, in the phase 2 liver detoxification pathway

Selenium is also necessary for Reduction of Oxidized Glutathione (GSSG) to its reduced (GSH). This helps GSH to recycle itself.

Has a strong affinity for mercury (helps in mercury chelation). Mercury can be a problem from vaccinations, dental amalgams, sea water pollution and its presence in the food chain (fish).

Selenium is an Antioxidant mineral.

Selenium has been proven to be involved in Cardiac health and
thyroid Hormone activity.

50% increase in Selenium levels is associated with 25% decrease in heart disease.

Selenium deficiency is also linked to cardiomyopathy, for ex; Keshan syndrome.

Selenium  is  necessary  for  the  conversion  of T4  to  T3  (thyroid  hormone).

T3  is  the  active  hormone  inadequate conversion  of  T4  to  T3  results  in  hypothyroidism.

Supplementation – 200 to 400 mcg / day

Selenomethione  has  better  bioviability

Prepared by Datuk Dr SelvamRengasamy M.B.B.S (Madras), F.R.C.O.G (London) Consultant, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, President, SAHAMM (Society for Advanced of Hormones & Healthy Aging Medicine, M’sia) Fellow ACNEM, IHS & A4RM Board Certified


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