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I was once asked by a patient whether a particular water is able to cure diabetes. This water is purportedly popular as a cure for various diseases. I cheekily answered her that the water can definitely cure diabetes, provided that she eat and drink nothing else other than the water. Needless to say that was impossible for her. My point was, it is not what she drink or eat that heals her from diseases but sometimes it is what she decides not to drink or not to eat that may cure her of the illnesses.

We often worry so much about what to eat and to drink for the purpose of healing our body. So much so, we spend thousands of ringgits for this reason. We often forgot that rather than looking for the right foods and drinks, all we need to do is may be to avoid certain foods and drinks that we are already taking now. Sometimes it is not what we eat that heals, but what we avoid to eat which may actually heals.

The popularity of detoxification regimes is a good example of this. We promote all sorts of products in the market which can be ingested and injected to clean our system. We read about colon cleansing and spa treatment. We have forgotten why the need for detoxification in the first place. Why is there a need for detoxification?

We need to detoxify because we have polluted our body. If we keep our body clean in the first place, we probably can get away without detoxification. As I have mentioned in the previous article, our body has its own ways of detoxification and often they are much more effective and safer. The need for extra detoxification only comes due to the large amounts of poisons we are putting into our body. These poisons simply overwhelm our natural detoxification processes. On top of that, we have forgotten to do the most fundamental principles of detoxification, which are to drink plenty of water, to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and to do lots of physical exercise.

Anyone would agree that we are in need of detoxification only because we have put the toxins in our body in the first place. What if we could avoid these toxins and optimise our own natural detoxification system? We probably do not need all the expensive products and equipments for detoxification anymore.

This is indeed the most effective ‘detox’ principle. That is, by not putting toxins in our body in the first place. The toxins we know so well are cigarettes, alcohol, added sugar, added salt, fat, additive, preservatives and colouring in processed foods and many more. If we do not ingest and inhale all these toxins, we should be able to get away without any ‘detox’ at all. After all, ‘detox’ means detoxification or removal of toxins. So, to reiterate, the most effective ‘detoxifying’ of all is simply not ‘toxifying’ our body in the first place.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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