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Fungus infections are very common in human. In fact it is more common than you think. You may be suffering from ‘fungal related complex’ now without realising it. I am not talking about the intense itch in your groin or the ever enlarging map-like skin problems that you try so hard to hide.

I am talking about the symptoms of frequent headache, lethargy, vague muscles ache, sugar craving, sleeping disturbances, non specific abdominal discomfort, mysterious weight gain, depression, unmotivated and being simply unusually lazy. Did I just describe someone you know?

By the time you have obvious evidence of fungal infection on your skin or nail, you could be having immune related problems caused by fungus for many years. This condition is called ‘fungal related complex’ (also known as ‘Candida related complex’). This is a condition where the fungus species (mostly Candida sp.) are already shedding its antigen (provoking agents) into your blood streams without causing visually obvious skin lesions. Often the site of initial contact is in your inner linings such as mouth, gut, vagina and airways. The antigens slowly erode and weaken your immune system and hence making you more susceptible to various other disease causing agents such as viruses, heavy metals and pollutants.

The antigens from fungus also weaken your gut protective mechanism, making your gut more ‘leaky’ to various food particles to invade the blood streams. This causes many vague symptoms as described above. This condition is often called ‘leaky gut syndrome’. Overwhelming fungal colonisation in the gut will eventually cause indigestion, bloated sensation, vague pain, mal-absorption of nutrients and hosts of other manifestations. This condition is called ‘gut dysbiosis’.

Let me emphasise, this ‘fungal related complex’  causes multitudes of symptoms ranging from as simple as forgetfulness to a complex personality and behavioural problems which can be mistaken for psychiatric illnesses. It is therefore make sense to think ‘fungus first’ whenever you have constellation of symptoms which you or your doctor cannot readily explain.

Unfortunately, fungal infections are very common. This is primarily because of your food, which is rich in simple carbohydrates such as sugar, rice, wheat and bread. Fungal thrive well in sugar rich environment. On top of that, overuse of antibiotics often leads to eradication of good bacteria from your gut allowing the fungus to thrive without competition. Various modern conveniences such as contraceptive pills, cosmetics, fragrances, packets and canned foods which make your immune system slightly compromised are also contributing to the easy inoculation and growth of fungus in your body.

The first thing to do in eradicating fungus is to avoid all simple carbohydrates and ensure supplementations of various vitamins and minerals to enhance your immune systems. Discuss with your doctor who are knowledgeable about ‘fungal related complex’ so that you can take anti fungal at a regular interval.

Now that you know this fact, next time you feel depressed and unmotivated in the morning, you may like to think ‘fungus first’.

Article contributed by: Dr Rizin H Kusop. MBBS, MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Med), Dip. Family Med. ( Source is available upon request.

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