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The War Against Dengue: Vitamin C Dictates Victory

The War Against Dengue: Vitamin C Dictates Victory

Dengue fever is a viral infection and all viruses can be effectively killed by Vitamin C, which is safe even in high doses. Vitamin C is a natural, extremely effective agent that can prevent and cure not only Aedes viral infection but also most if not all infectious diseases. For Vitamin C to be effective as an anti infection agent, it has to be given SOON ENOUGH, FREQUENT ENOUGH, IN HIGH DOSE ENOUGH DOSES AND FOR LONG ENOUGH.

When Vitamin C is claimed to be ineffective against infective agents, it is often due to insufficient doses and not given for long enough. The effectiveness of Vitamin C against viral infection was proven as early as in 1949 when 60 out of 60 Acute Polio were cured with Vitamin C. Unfortunately, we are still debating  the use of Vitamin C when the number of Dengue cases is skyrocketing. Deaths due to dengue fever are preventable.

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Most religions tend to believe that human body is a wonderful creation. A particular religion even quoted as saying ‘human are created in God’s image’. Scientifically, to this date there is no invented machine which even closes enough to what human body is capable of doing.

Our body is indeed truly amazing. It has the capacity to absorb energy from the surrounding and use the same energy to manipulate the environment. It has the ability to learn and store information and passing it down to next generations. More relevant to health however is how human body has the astounding ability to heal itself from various injuries and illnesses.

This amazing body has no reason to be sick.

The only reason for it to fail is because you have abuse it for too long. The abuse has gone far longer than the marvellous body can ever withstand. If only you can hear the body saying ‘ouch’ at the first ‘beat’ of abuse, you would have heard the wailing and agonising screams by the time your body completely defeated with chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers.

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You may have heard what ‘evidence based medicine’ is all about. This is especially true if you are very inquisitive about your illness and health. Some doctors will also spell this out (including me) in trying to explain certain treatments for your illnesses.

Evidence based medicine is a concept where only practices which has been proven beneficial in majority of patients in the past are chosen to be practiced on you, the patient. It means a treatment is now being given to you because it has been proven to work in the past on majority of patients. If you are behaving like ‘majority of the patients’ then the treatment should work on you too.

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The menace of Heavy Metals

Our body is exposed to many forms of heavy metals from the environment. Examples of these heavy metals are mercury, lead, arsenic, silver, copper, aluminium and many more. Unfortunately for our body, the accumulation of these heavy metals is dangerous and causing insidious illnesses. To make matter worse, chronic accumulation of heavy metals weakens the body immune system and healing ability. This is how chronic diseases develop and eventually manifest in our body.

The sources of heavy metals are plenty. The most obvious are emissions from motor vehicles and cigarettes. Other sources are contamination from treated building materials in houses and offices, contaminated water and treated and processed foods.

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The title is very depressive indeed. Nobody wants cancer but everyone has it. Cancer started with only a single cell and it grows into a detectable lump after many years. Most people are said to have cancer only when a type of cancer is detected in the body. The truth is, the cancer single cell was already there probably anywhere between ten to twenty years ago. If anybody wants to beat cancer, it has to be done exactly ten or twenty years before the cancer is detected.

Cancerous cells arise due to changes in the genetic make-up of the cells. The genetic changes allowed the cells to grow and divide without knowing how to stop. There are multitudes of causes and reasons for a normal cell to turn into a cancer cell. The causes range from as simple as being under the sun to the most obvious such as radioactive radiation. The air we breathe and the foods we eat contain cancer causing agents. We can never completely avoid all these agents. The only way to beat cancer is to kill the defective cells while they are still undetectable in our body. By the time a cancer is detected, the body has already been infiltrated with it in every corners and crevasses.

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