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After the depressive title of last week’s article, I thought I should cheer everyone with this week’s article. Yes everyone can indeed beat cancer. I am sure you have heard at least one person who has survived cancer. You may even have someone you know who has been given a ‘five year survival probability’ and yet still living healthy after twenty years or so. What is it that makes cancer survivors different from the rest?

I remember talking to a cancer survivor not too long ago in my clinic. When I asked her what is the main factor behind her survival, she put is right down to her ‘knowledge’ about cancer and the treatment available for it. She did not think any particular treatments were of any benefit, but her knowledge in knowing the source of cancer, how it happens, how it is treated and how to prevent it made her survived the whole ordeal. Needless to say, she has completely changed the way she lives after having the ‘knowledge’. I agree with her.

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Fungus infections are very common in human. In fact it is more common than you think. You may be suffering from ‘fungal related complex’ now without realising it. I am not talking about the intense itch in your groin or the ever enlarging map-like skin problems that you try so hard to hide.

I am talking about the symptoms of frequent headache, lethargy, vague muscles ache, sugar craving, sleeping disturbances, non specific abdominal discomfort, mysterious weight gain, depression, unmotivated and being simply unusually lazy. Did I just describe someone you know?

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Senseless treatments in modern medicine

When we are afflicted with illnesses, it make sense to visit a doctor and get pills to cure the illness. Often the pills are designed to combat the causes of the illnesses. If we are infected with bacteria, doctors give anti-bacteria. If we are infected with virus, doctors give anti-virus. Unfortunately, not all illnesses are as straight forward as this.

If we have high cholesterol due to our appetite for  crabs, prawns, burgers, fried chicken, beef and bacon, the sensible thing to do is to reduce or avoid all those cholesterol rich foods. What does not make sense is to take pills to lower the cholesterol so that we can continue stuffing our body with cholesterol rich foods. However, that exactly what our doctors are going to do and what we probably expect them to do.

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I was once asked by a patient whether a particular water is able to cure diabetes. This water is purportedly popular as a cure for various diseases. I cheekily answered her that the water can definitely cure diabetes, provided that she eat and drink nothing else other than the water. Needless to say that was impossible for her. My point was, it is not what she drink or eat that heals her from diseases but sometimes it is what she decides not to drink or not to eat that may cure her of the illnesses.

We often worry so much about what to eat and to drink for the purpose of healing our body. So much so, we spend thousands of ringgits for this reason. We often forgot that rather than looking for the right foods and drinks, all we need to do is may be to avoid certain foods and drinks that we are already taking now. Sometimes it is not what we eat that heals, but what we avoid to eat which may actually heals.

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How fast we walk apparently determines how long we live. The faster our pace, the longer we live. This pace refers to our regular speed of walking which we take sub-consciously when we are walking at leisure. This pace is not about our walking velocity in trying to catch up with someone or when we are in walkathon.

Studies have proven that people who walk faster are healthier than their slower walking counterparts. Walking pace is a perfect reflection of our physical fitness. When we walk, we need to have most of all a perfect balance. On top of that, we need to have strong and agile muscles. Our sense of coordination and joint position need to be well timed. Our bones need to be strong. Our joints need to be perfectly mobile and well lubricated. Our lungs and breathing needs to be sufficient to supply oxygen. Our heart need to be pumping efficiently. Other than that, we need to have the correct weight, enough rate of  metabolism to supply energy, good eyesight, acute hearing and last but not least a motivated mind. The list go on.

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