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The word ‘detox’ comes from the word detoxification. It means removal or neutralisation of harmful substances. The word ‘detox’ however widely accepted in healthy conscious community as a process to cleanse the body of any unwanted substances.

Our body has its own process of detoxification. They are called conjugation processes. This happens mainly in liver. On top of that, in all of our cells, there are also mechanisms with anti-oxidants to neutralise all the toxins.

Of course there are many ways to help these detoxification processes to function better. Some of the ways promoted in the markets are not necessarily correct. However there are fundamental principles in detoxification which is cheap and do-able by everyone. Three of these principles of detoxification are discussed below.

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We are probably the only generation in human history that are relying all too much on drugs and medicines. When we have pain and headache, we quickly take pills to ease the pain. When we cough and sneeze, we take pills. When we feel sad, we take pills. If possible we want to take a pill for every problem in our life doesn’t matter if the problem is medical or not.

In this article I want to discuss about the effectiveness of drugs and medicines. We often take this for granted in our daily life. It is important to know that all drugs are invented or discovered for a very specific purpose. Paracetamol (well known as Panadol), for example is used for its ability to stop pain and fever. However, drugs do not work all the time in all people. None of the drugs out there has the ability to work 100% all the time. That means, even paracetamol will not ease some people from fever and pain all the time.

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Brain was initially thought as an organ with finite amount of cells. Furthermore, we were taught that once brain cells are dead, no new cells can be regenerated anymore. We were wrongly led to believe that after young adulthood, our brain can only go one way – degenerate.

Thankfully, we have known now through various observations and studies that our brain is indeed far from static organ. Our brain is not only able to regenerate, it also can mould, modify and re-model according to what and how we handle it. It has been said that our brain is the biggest muscle in our body. We can build muscles andamazingly we can build our brain too.

The fact that our brain is very flexible in its responses to our conducts has givenrise to the concept of brain plasticity. In our previous article we have understood that brain decides who we are. In this article, we will look how we can decide how our brain behaves and in turn decides who we are.

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In my quest to better understand the realm of healthcare, I often encounter lots of observations and researches which often tickle my mind. One of the most interesting observations which I tend to agree with is the concept of ‘Mind over Medicine’ by Dr Lissa Larkin. She is a qualified physician practicing Integrated Medicine in US. In her book, supported by various scientific evidences, she shows that our health status is not just biological. She demonstrated how our health is determined by our relationships, employments, religious inclination, financial status and sexual satisfaction.

Let me explain further. Let us take hypertension (high blood pressure) as an example of biological disease for this discussion. Hypertension is affecting a third of Malaysian population. It is quite common for doctors to encounter patients who are practicing everything right and yet still suffering from hypertension. They may have ideal weight, exercising three to five times a week, look after their food, do not drink alcohol or do not smoke cigarettes and yet they have intractable hypertension.

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This is the final series of weight loss articles. To me, this is the most important aspect about losing weight. You can do all the previous six steps in weight loss, without this final critical step, you will most likely fail to achieve your ideal weight. Interestingly, the previous six steps in weight loss, if adhered strictly, to some degree will improve your hormones balance. Unfortunately, depending on your age, hormones adjustment may be eventually needed to make you ‘slim’ again. No doubt about that.

Let me tell you some of the most important hormones which influence your weight and fat accumulation.

The most important hormone is thyroid. Thyroid hormoneis responsible for metabolic process in your body. It burns calories and fat. If your thyroid hormone is low or for some reason is less active, you will gain weight no matter what. Most people are in ‘subclinical hypothyroidism’ condition. This is a condition where your thyroid is performing less than it should be but still within normal range when your blood test is done. You will unfortunately have a tough time to convince your doctor that you are having this problem base on your blood result alone. However, there are various signs in your body to confirm this and being overweight is just one of them.

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