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No, I am not talking about Wolverine the X-Men. The movie is great but we are very far from healing ourselves the way Wolverine does.

There is however a widely accepted and clearly demonstrable condition in medical practice which gives insight into self-healing. The condition is called ‘placebo effect’. Placebo effect is a phenomenon where a ‘dummy pill’ behaves like genuine drug in our body. This is where ‘sugar pill’ and ‘water injection’ relieve pain and headache. This is not only seen in sophisticated medical studies but also in our daily mundane life. The results show up both in statistics as well as in simple observations.

Placebo effect ultimately gives raise to what medical people call ‘spontaneous resolution’ of illnesses. Scientific community now increasingly believe, based on multitudes of studies, that ‘spontaneous resolution’ of any diseases is indeed possible and real. These diseases are including terminal illnesses such as end-stage cancers and HIV. The lay people probably call this ‘miracle cure’.

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Let me start with a scenario. A woman walks into a clinic complaining of insatiable hunger. She describes it as persistent desire to eat something throughout the day. She cannot exactly pin-point what is she longed to eat so much. Because she cannot be very specific of what she wants, she keeps eating various foods. However, it never seems to end. She continues to have the uncontrolled desire to eat something. She eventually becomes overweight and soon develops all kind of obesity related illnesses. Yet she is still hungry for that unknown food and she has not been able to identify it.

The wise clinician examines her and performs a battery of test and found out that she was deficient in Vitamin D and Magnesium among others. She was promptly given various supplements including Vitamin D and Magnesium. Initially she was unconvinced, how can an overweight person like her having a deficiency in nutrition, she wonders. If anything, shethought she should be bloated with all the nutrition that she has been eating. Fat person cannot be nutrition deficient, she argues. Eventually she relents. Within two weeks, she is back and exclaims her appetite has been zipped for good. All that hunger simply disappears and she is already losing 3 kilogram within two weeks. She thanks the doctor profusely and leaves the clinic almost glowing.

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I know what you are thinking. This is not the kind of drinking you do in pubs and bars. ‘Drink’ here refers to all type of beverages. People who are trying to lose weight often forgot that almost half of their daily calories intake is in the form of drinks. People seem to have associated drinks with sweetness. If it isn’t sweet, it isn’t a drink. When doctors suggest that they should start drinking plain water, their eyes almost pop and their jaws almost drop and would almost scream ‘where would I get my energy from?’ These people may have just gobbled a whole day’s worth of solid foods and yet still wondering where their energy would come from if they are to stop drinking sugary water now.

In this article, we will discuss how drinking contribute to weight gain and how a simple measure can help to lose this weight.

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There are generally two types of stresses faced by us. They are acute severe stress and chronic low level stress. Examples of severe stress are falling sick, accidental injury, death of love ones and facing imminent death. Examples of low level stress are job demands, preparing for exams, financial difficulties, unhappy relationships and suffering from chronic illness. Both kinds of stresses are dangerous to your health. However, acute severe stress will make you lose weight while low level of stress makes you fat.

This week you will learn how stress prevents you from losing weight effectively. While acute stress makes you sick and thin (if you lost your way in Maliau Basin for one week, you will get thin rather quickly!), this is not the kind of weight loss that you would want to have. We also know that acute stress happens rarely and if it does, it only last for a short time before it get resolved (or you will die from it). Therefore, this kind of stress is almost irrelevant in your effort to lose weight.

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Now that I got your attention, let me tell you something about exercise. Exercise is not natural. Human body is not created to have regular exercises. Exercise is only recently invented for modern human. Throughout millions of years of human evolution, exercise was never part of it. There were no gyms and no such thing as sit-up, push-up, bench-press and so on. So why do we exercise at all?

Human body thrive on physical activities and challenges, not on exercises. We created exercise to imitate the natural physical activities and physical challenges we are supposed to have in our daily life. Exercise was only invented and become necessary because we have chosen a life of sedentary. Our ‘job’ was never meant to be sitting on a chair whole day long. Our ‘lifestyle’ was never meant to be a cycle of waking up, go to work, eat and sleep – day in and day out.

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